Quick Start:
Join the PTO email list, attend a grant review meeting, a planning meeting or a Team Meeting, and come to the holiday party.

Alternative Starts:
  • Review the PTO Events and participate as a volunteer during one or more events.
  • Contribute to one or more teacher appreciation events.
  • Go Rogue – have a great idea? We’re happy to support you in any way we can. It’s amazing what individuals will just make happen: sponsorships, grants, gifts, events.

The PTO is a partnership of involved parents, teachers and administrators who work together for the betterment of the school. We are organized around the recognition that the Laurel community is diverse, geographically spread out and busy.

"When you can. However you can."

We believe that parent involvement is essential to a successful school, so there are many ways and levels to contribute to the school through the PTO.

ABOUT Laurel Elementary PTO


PTO Management – Administration and coordination of PTO grants, resources and teams
šPTO Team Leadership – Coordinate the team on the objectives and tasks, including annual goal setting, meeting cadence and communication.
šPTO Team Member – Attend team meetings, help establish annual goals/tasks and lead team-specific events.
šPTO Team Contributor – Be on the short-list of team supporters who volunteer or contribute to team-specific events.
šGeneralist – Watch the PTO emails for opportunities to engage and volunteer.

PTO Organization & Roles